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  • Entry fee is $25 for the season.  
  • You must pick one team that you think is going to lose that week.  If that team loses, you stay in the pool.  If that team wins or ties, you are out.  You may pick the same team every week, if you’d like.
  • You must make your pick by midnight the day before the team you pick plays.  For example, if you choose the Thursday night game your pick is due by midnight on Wednesday. All picks must be in on Saturday midnight even if you choose the Monday night game. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • If you fail to make your pick on time, you will automatically get the visiting team of that week’s Monday night game to lose.  (Note:  First week of the season, there are two Monday night games.  In this case, your pick to lose will be the visiting team of the late game.)
  • You will be able to buy back in the pool if you are knocked out either in week 1 or week 2 for $25.00. You can buy back if you are knocked in week 3 but it will cost you $50.00.  Money will be due by midnight before the first game of the next week starts.
  • After week 3, when you’re out, you’re out.  The pool will continue until there is one person left standing.  
  • In the event there is more than one person left after the Super Bowl the pot will be split evenly.  If at any time before the Super Bowl anyone wants to split the pot they can make a request but the decision must be unanimous.
  • To make your pick, you can either text message me at 847-354-2430 or you can email me at phil@cdlrealty.com.  I personally will be in the pool and my picks will be given to Bill A. on a weekly basis.
  • Season starts Thursday Sept.7th , money must be in by Wednesday Sept.6th       Checks may be mailed to Phil Cali at 3N425 N. Howard Ave. Elmhurst,IL.  60126. You can also pay by credit card.
  • I will provide you with all picks for the week if you give me your email address.  (Note:  there may be times when I’ll be out of town and won’t be able to get them to you although I have been able to do so.)
  • There will be a 10% rake of the total pot.   ☺



                         ***********Last Year 5 people split $6,075.00**************